J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum

The largest privately-held firearms collection in the world.

Home to the unique collection of J.M. Davis of over 12,000 firearms and thousands of non-firearm artifacts ranging from Old West saddles and spurs, John Rogers statuary, Toby mugs and Beer Steins, World War I posters, and local Claremore and Rogers county history.


Multi-media exhibits for a family-friendly walk through history.

An agency of the State of Oklahoma

Meet J.M. Davis

Since the age of seven, John Monroe Davis had been interested in and was an owner of firearms. 

Young J.M. had been a very sickly child and thus had become rather spoiled.  He refused to take the medicine the family doctor had prescribed.  When his condition finally got so bad that the doctor feared the child’s survival without the medicine, J.M.’s parents had to do something.


His father bribed him to take the medicine with a gift of a small muzzleloading shotgun. 

What his father did not know is that his bribe to keep his son alive would start the largest privately-held collection of firearms in the world.

J.M. Davis by Oklahoma Artist Charles Banks Wilson

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A special message from Oklahoma's Lt. Governor, Matt Pinnell.



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